Window – Reinterpreting a Classic – Tree of Life – Veni Vidi Vici

Do you have an office window, entry door side or top window or other clear surface that could use a personal, custom touch of stained or clear glass? Do you own a business, healthcare environment or other space that might be more welcoming to customers or patients?

Here is an example of a Prairie Home Glass custom window design – a reinterpretation of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Tree of Life window originally designed for the Darwin D. Martin House, hand-crafted for a Minnesota homeowner.

Icons were custom-designed and added to the lower three panels, representing Jesus Christ’s life and the new life that springs eternally from His grace, light and love – He came, He saw, He conquered.

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to envision how hand-crafted stained glass might add a colorful, welcoming glow and value for your family living space or business. The possibilities are limitless – from windows, to glass interior space dividers, to glass art wall hangings.


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