Prairie or Mission Style Stained-Glass Interior Votive Candle Holder

Do you want to add warm light to your interior with a quality hand-made Mission or Prairie style votive lantern? Are you hosting a wedding and want hand-made quality gifts for your wedding party, which can also add a touch of glass to your reception?

Prairie Home Glass will design and deliver hand-cut and soldered clear or stained glass lanterns.


You can order a lantern with the same size and colors and wood base as the one shown here, or contact me to customize your color scheme and size to suit your interior home or business.

I then design and hand-craft your lanterns. Prairie Home Glass specializes in prairie style, Arts & Crafts stained glass design, so your panels are sure to be simple, elegant and welcoming. Soldering is very high quality, with clean solder lines.

You choose patina color for the solder (black, copper or natural). You can also choose to have each panel finished with a Carnauba Wax finishing compound to help prevent corrosion, or leave panels unfinished to allow natural oxidation of solder.

A zinc rim is used around the top edge of the lantern, finely mitered at the corners. Patina is applied to the zinc rim in a way that offers some natural variation and character instead of a solid patina color. This helps the piece feel a bit “aged” and quaint.

Each lantern is hand-signed on the bottom of the wood base and felt pads are also added to the base.


Lanterns are shipped very carefully, to prevent breakage.

There are no returns for such custom items, but we’re rather certain you will be very pleased with your purchase and the character of this hand-made product.

Note that glass colors can be slightly different than shown here, as batches vary a little from glass sheet manufacturers we use as the source for our glass-making.

? Contact Aaron for an estimate and visual representation of your future glass.