Kitchen Cabinet Glass Insert – Clean, Precise, Classic Elegance and Custom Metal Clips

A customer in Illinois remodeled their kitchen and wanted a special touch of class to enhance their cabinetry. This kitchen cabinet glass insert uses a classic diamond pattern, with hand-soldered seams and custom glass clips for a unified look.

The homeowner wanted a clean, simple design using purely clear Seedy glass – nothing distracting or complex. Seedy glass has intentional bubbles within the sheet. It offers a pleasant combination of visibility plus natural concealment of cabinet contents.

Kitchen Cabinet Glass Insert Construction

Each piece of glass in this kitchet cabinet glass panel was precisely cut and aligned to deliver professional, hand-crafted quality. The piece was checked continually to make sure it matches final dimensions.

Each piece of glass was then edged with copper and soldered to adjoining pieces.

Next, a first layer of solder was applied, to create a stable single piece.

Then, a fine bead of solder was carefully applied along each seam to provide dimension. 

Lastly, a zinc frame was joined around the perimeter, and the entire piece was given a patina. In this case, the customer chose a black patina. Copper or natural solder are other options.

A single sheet of tempered glass was layered behind the stained glass, to protect the front glass from inadvertent cracks or chips. Who wouldn’t be frustrated if a protruding mug handle cracked the front glass upon a brisk close of the cabinet? Attention to detail matters.

A finishing compound was applied to give the surface a luster and to help protect the solder and glass from kitchen oils and other elements.

Custom Glass Clips – An Extra Touch of Quality and Beauty

We offer custom cabinet glass clips, which are a beautiful upgrade from standard, less durable and less attractive plastic clips. The clips are wrought from metal and are hand-made to an appropriate size, standard shapes or a custom pattern designed to your taste.

This customer include these custom metal clips, to dress up the back of their cabinet door. The clips have patina color and surface that matches the stained-glass window exactly.

This attention to detail is a hallmark of Prairie Home Glass.

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