Prairie Style Stained-Glass Window – Rich Amber and Gray Tones for Vibrant Light on a Lively Ranch

This 6-foot by 15.5-inch one-of-a-kind stained-glass window, in the heritage of Prairie style glass, enhanced the interior and exterior of our customer’s home at the Wolf Springs Ranch in Waconia, Minnesota.

The homeowner wanted a window that would work well with an exterior gray and gold color scheme. It also needed to pair well with interior gray cabinetry, wrought iron, and a dark java natural wood floor.

We had the great pleasure to have Aaron create a custom design stained glass window for one of our ranch properties and it was an outstanding experience. He listened to our ideas, came up with several design concepts and collaborated closely with us as we fine-tuned the final layout. Aaron is a true professional in his creative skill and attention to detail. Our beautiful piece of art was completed ahead of schedule and on budget. We would highly recommend working with this talented, creative designer! We look forward to working with him on future projects. Thank you again, Aaron!

— James Dulas, Wolf Springs Ranch

Types of Glass

Clear Seedy glass is used for the majority of the piece, allowing excellent light transmission, and shimmers of light refracting through bubbles in the glass. However, this effect is subtle enough so the entire piece has a calm, but vibrant feeling.

This stained-glass window also features smoky gray Seedy glass accents, to tie into the gray used in the exterior paint and interior finishes. A “Seedy” glass is one that has intentional stretched bubbles visible throughout.

There are also several amber-colored glasses used, including a golden amber with a mottled surface, and a double-rolled glass with pleasant surface striations.  Double-rolled is a glass sheeting forming method wherein glass is pressed between rotating metal rolls to form the sheet.


Since the panel is rather wide, hidden copper strip reinforcement is used, end-to-end along several rows. This prevents excessive warping, for long life.

Solder lines were given a black patina, and the entire piece was treated with a finishing compound for luster and protection from the elements.

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