Prairie or Mission Style Stained-Glass Large Interior Candle Holder

Do you want to add one-of-a-kind warmth to match your interior motifs and colors with a quality hand-made Mission or Prairie style candle holder? A client in Michigan did. He appreciated the design of a smaller candle holder pattern so well, he asked for a larger size and custom pattern to play well with his Stickley rug, door and other room patterns and colors. Once he received the first candle holder, he then asked for another, plus custom wood pedestals.

Photo of the piece in client living spaceCustom, creative and artistic. Aaron’s work fits in our home like a glove. Magnificent!”

— Paul Lyons, Shelby Township, Michigan

Prairie Home Glass designed and delivered a 7″ square by 12″ tall hand-cut and soldered piece, with a dark-stained, signed Aspen wood base.

You can order a lantern with the same size and colors and wood base as the one shown here. Alternatively, contact me to provide a view of your living space and order a piece customized to your color scheme, patterns and size preference for your home or business.

These can also be made in sets of 3, in various sizes. That can make a very nice entryway, living room or bathroom arrangement. Fill them with wax candles or electric battery-powered lights. We can wire them with the classic glow of an Edison Bulb LED fixture if you prefer.


First, the client and I had a 30-minute Facetime session on our smartphones. He showed me around his living space, noting colors, architectural details, rug design, adjacent objects such as lighting and paintings.

This was a new design based on an existing pattern, so I designed a pattern and “mocked” it up using software, so the client would have a visual approximation of how the piece would look in his space and on its own. Notice how, in the center of each side panel, there are 9 red sections of glass. This pattern resonated well with the pattern on interior doors in the living space. This also reflected numbers from patterns in the corners of the client’s Stickley rug.


I design and hand-craft candle holders. Prairie Home Glass specializes in prairie style, Arts & Crafts stained glass design, so your panels are sure to be simple, elegant and welcoming. Soldering is very high quality, with clean solder lines. Notice how straight the lines are, and how the solder has character, but doesn’t look sloppy.

In this case, the client chose a black solder patina. Natural or copper are also possible. You can also choose to have each panel finished with a Carnauba Wax finishing compound to help prevent corrosion, or leave panels unfinished to allow natural oxidation of solder. In this case, the more matte finish of solder worked well with the wood base finish.

A zinc rim is used around the top edge of the lantern, finely mitered at the corners. Patina is applied to the zinc rim, so there is continuity.

This lantern was hand-signed on the bottom of the wood base.


Lanterns are shipped very carefully, to prevent breakage.

There are no returns for such custom items, but we’re rather certain you will be very pleased with your purchase and the character of this hand-made product.

Glass colors can be slightly different than shown here, or between a “mockup” and the finished piece, as batches vary a little from glass sheet manufacturers we use as the source for our glass-making.

? Contact Aaron for an estimate and visual representation of your future glass.